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القاهرة, EG للسعر اتصل بالبائع

البائع لم يقم بتحميل أي صور
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Live a unique experience at western desert, with Oasis Egypt Safari company offer an adventure to the traveler unequalled enjoy in western desert. TRIP OVERVIEW western desert The western desert very southernmost outpost of Kharga Oasis is marked by a Roman fortress known simply as el-Qasr (literally ‘the Fortress’), a mudbrick structure gauge about 30m by 20m. In Roman times in western desert a small plastron of troops would have guarded the fortress, but it is not known whether it was purely a military guard-post or if intended to control the trade route at the southern end of the Darb el-Arbain. The structure is situated in a palm-grove on the eastern side at desert egypt of the paved road, but little is visual today. When it was excavated by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities in the 1980s. Over 150 Ottoman tombs were as well as a fantastic deal of Roman pottery sherds, attesting to the age and continued use of the site , Quench your thirst Toward new discovery with oasis egypt safari. The area around (Dush) in western desert has been scrupulous since 1976 by French archaeologists of the IFAO who have found evidence of temporary occupation possibly dating back as early as the Old Kingdom possibly (Dynasty IV) . On the slopes of the hill in bahariya oasis , Persian and Ptolemaic interval settlements in western desert has been specificand the earliest fortress which enclosed a rectangular area at the top of the hill was of Ptolemaic or possibly even Persian origin. in western desert, The massive crumbling mudbrick walls of the Roman fortress still stand 6m to 12m tall in places. Take a tour of the desert egypt and explore it with Oasis Egypt Safari. The Romans expand the Ptolemaic structure on this strategic spot in western desert overlooking the wide desert common with the town of kysis and its large community and cultivated agricultural land would have grown around it in desert egypt . Inside the fortress walls the interior is densely covered with barrack structures, while the underground chambers go down four or five levels. Take a tour now with Oasis Egypt Safari company, Discover western desert. Abutting the Roman fortress on the eastern side are the remains of a sandstone temple, probably erected by Domitian, enlarged by Trajan and then partly decorated by the Emperor Hadrian during the 1st to 2nd centuries AD. book now your trip to western desert. With Oasis Egypt Safari company Visit the archaeological temples now in western desert Don't miss the opportunity, Where The temple was originally dedicated to Osiris, who the Greeks transformed into Serapis and also to the goddess Isis. Don't miss a Experiment of the mystery and tour the western desert,with Oasis Egypt Safari company We will provide you with a program for your trip to enjoy in western desert. For More Information Get in Touch: Address: Egypt Email: info@oasisegyptsafari.com phone:+2 01009657455 +2 0122348157 +2 01286066502 website: http://oasisegyptsafari.com/ Oasis Egypt Safari Marketing Team

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