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Everyone loves to travel to western desert, but not everyone loves to travel the same way to western desert, the Oasis Egypt Safari company accord you with this pleasure. TRIP OVERVIEW western desert :- The area around (Dush) in western desert has been scrupulous since 1976 by French archaeologists of the IFAO who have found evidence of temporary occupation possibly dating back as early as the Old Kingdom possibly (Dynasty IV) . in western desert, The massive crumbling mudbrick walls of the Roman fortress still stand 6m to 12m tall in places. Take a tour of the desert egypt and explore it with Oasis Egypt Safari. in western desert A monumental stone gateway fronts the temple and contains a dedicatory inscription by Trajan dated AD 116 as well as graffiti by Caillaud and other nineteenth-century travellers To the north is a great forecourt containing five columns with a pylon at its northern end . The main part of the temple at western desert measures approximately 7.5m by 15.5m and contains a pillared hall with four slender columns, a staircase to the roof, an offering table in an outer chamber and inner sanctuary with vaulted roof. Two long side-chambers also had barrel-vaulted roofs. A taller pronaos was later added to the front of the main building , ll three Roman Emperors are depicted in scenes carved on the temple walls, which were reputed to be partly sheathed in gold, western desert . In March 1989, during the excavation of a magazine complex on the west side of the temple, French archaeologists discovered a magnificent collection of artefacts, now known as the ‘Dush Treasure’ (Cairo Egyptian Museum). Company Oasis Egypt Safari one of the bested safari trip companies will take your to another world for you to reconnoitre the various dandy sites that Egypt and desert egypt , now you can spend trip amazing at western desert . For More Information Get in Touch: Address: Egypt Email: info@oasisegyptsafari.com phone:+2 01009657455 +2 0122348157 +2 01286066502 website: http://oasisegyptsafari.com/ Oasis Egypt Safari Marketing Team

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