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لكل ما يتعلق بالزمالة الامريكية والتدريب الطبي المتخصص في إحدى المستشفيات والأمريكية والبريطانية
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Who is AMOs?
We are your one-stop-shop for clinical experiences! Study Candle and AMO have partnered to offer more than 250 clinical experience options in more than 70 specialties for medical students, graduates, doctors, nurses, and dentists. These programs are available in the US, UK, and Virtual!! We have Hands On Rotation options, USMLE not required, as well as observer-ships and research programs at top hospitals.
What do you offer?
We know that clinical experiences are essential to your medical education and future career goals so we connect medical trainees to experiences in the U.S. while providing consistent support to ensure you are enrolled, prepared for, and happy with your clinical experience. Study Candle and AMO have partnered to ensure that all participants have an quick, easy, and seamless application process.
⦁ Visa Support
⦁ 200+ site locations across the U.S., U.K. and Virtual
⦁ 70+ medical specialties & subspecialties
⦁ 3,000+ visitors to date
⦁ Create a free user account and free applications through Study Candle
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Who should participate?
Our experiences are perfect for all international medical students, graduates, and professionals in the fields of medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, and nursing. If you need a clinical experience, we have what you are looking for!
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The Benefits:
Earn a Letter of Recommendation
Our physicians know many visitors participate in clinical experiences to gain letters of recommendation (LoRs). Once a visitor completes their clinical experience, they are eligible to request a merit-based LoR from this individual. These can be used to apply for Residency at a US hospital.
Make Connections
The connections you make during this experience can help you practice good professional and patient communication, both interpersonal skills that will be foundational in your future as a medical professional. You will extend your network of doctors and medical students around the globe which will be invaluable to your future career.
Elevate Clinical Skills and Knowledge
If you are planning to take the USMLE, a clinical experience allows you to practice clinical skills and medical terminology in a real-world setting.

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